COVID-19: all services protected and available

The directors of Kahlenberg Europe want to reassure customers that the company has moved seamlessly into its business continuity plan and continues to provide full services for Kahlenberg across Europe. Kahlenberg Industries in the US has continued manufacturing and has appropriate measures in place.

We are still manning our warehouse, service centre and office but in a way that protects our staff. Where remote working is possible then we are following government guidelines and exercising that option. Because we have a critical responsibility to keep our commercial and military customers operational that is our focus at this time but all enquiries and requests will be dealt with.

We do anticipate that there may be some issues with transportation and potentially with the supply chain. Where possible we will work to accelerate any delays or suggest alternatives.

Should you have any issue that you wish to talk to us about, regarding currently operational equipment of future projects then please get in touch.

Where vital on-site support is needed to keep vessels operational we will provide that where possible under current legislation, working with you to ensure the safety of anyone involved.

Our very best wishes to all customers and their families through this difficult time.