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Superyacht, motorboat and yacht sound signals

Look on the mast or brow of any superyacht worldwide and you will most likely see a Kahlenberg air horn there. Even better, listen out and you’ll discover why discerning owners choose Kahlenberg horns for their sound as well as their looks. 

This is a result of precision engineering and testing to ensure that the each Kahlenberg sound signal is compliant, reliable and a pleasure to use in service. This extends right down to the smallest yacht and motorboat models in our range.

Up to 20m LOA

Kahlenberg Zero Series marine air horns provide superyacht quality sound signals in modest sizes with very efficient air consumption. Our KB-15W-BT horn hailer provides an electric alternative that is also tested IMO compliant but offers very flexible functionality inclusing talkback and remote music play via iOS and Google mobile apps


Kahlenberg’s IMO compliant Chimetone range is unrivalled in terms of superyacht application. A choice of several models enables owners and captains to choose the sound, performance and form factor that best suits their vessels. We also have an IMO compliant horn hailer that is proven in harsh commercial operation that is perfect as a secondary signaller and communication tool


For larger superyachts we have the robust and sonorous four-series Chimetones in dual, triple and quadruple projector formats. Beautifully constructed in brass and bronze with the finest quality chrome plate, these models have been virtually standard fit on all new builds in this sector for many years now, such is their reputation for quality and performance.

Kahlenberg air horn compressors

Kahlenberg sound signal controllers

Leisure marine sound signals up to 20m LOA | 20m-75m LOA | 75m-200m LOA