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KB-15W-BT marine electric horn hailer

 LOA up to 20m

Kahlenberg KB-15W-BT

The Kahlenberg KB-15W-BT is a type approved compact and versatile sound signal and communication horn hailer for vessels under 20m, with a difference. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity plus Google Play and iOS mobile apps to broadcast music files and clips right off your mobile or tablet.

Kahlenberg KB-15G electric marine horn hailer
The Kahlenberg KB-15W-BT model additionally provides two way voice communication for marine hailing purposes including “talkback” from crew back to the helm station speaker/microphone.
It operates on 12V or 24V DC and includes a CM-15 control module for mounting inside the helm station, a push to talk microphone with mounting bracket, and a high output marine duty speaker made entirely from corrosion proof materials.
Auxiliary inputs are included for connection of other audio sources such as a radio or public address systems.
The horn signal can be controlled with the Kahlenberg M-127 rocker switch, or any standard momentary contact push button or Kahlenberg sound signal controller for automatic operation.
Multiple Horns can be controlled from single station for hailing/talkback and/or horn signal.

KB-15W-BT Electric Horn and Hailer specification

  • Vessel length – < 20m
  • Heated? – Yes
  • Power – Electrically powered
  • Frequency – 698 Hz
  • S.P.L. Output – 121 dB (1/3 Octave Band)
  • Voltage – 12 or 24V D.C.
  • Power Consumption – 30W
  • Materials – (Horn and Driver) Polyamide
  • Mounting Bracket and fasteners – Stainless Steel
  • Finish – Grey
  • Net weight – (Horn) 4lb (1.8kg)
  • Ingress Protection – (Horn) IP67
  • Max./Min. Amb. Temp. – -30F (-34C) to 120F (49C)
  • Cable Size – .25in (6mm)- .45in (11.5mm)

Commercial and military sound signals

Kahlenberg sound signal controllers