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KDT-123 marine air horn

 LOA 20m-75m

Kahlenberg Chimetone KDT-123

The Kahlenberg Chimetone KDT-123 air horn is is a visual and audible status statement, with its seven projectors simultaneously sounding between 142Hz-416Hz – that’s a span of around an octave and a half. Despite its obvious ability to impress your guests, the KDT-123 is as serious as other Kahlenberg sound signals, tested to be IMO compliant and suitable for all vessels up to 75m (246ft) overall length.

Kahlenberg KDT-123 marine air horn in chrome

The Kahlenberg KDT-123 is perfectly designed as a masthead array. It can additionally take the M-300 chrome masthead light on an integrated mount.

The Kahlenberg Chimetone Q-3A air horn is sturdily built out of spun brass and cast bronze for completely robust and virtually maintenance free service. Kahlenberg’s renowned triple chrome plate is the standard finish for this model; enquire if you are interested in alternates.

Listen to the Kahlenberg KDT-123 marine air horn

Model KDT-123 Chimetone features

  • Vessel length – 20-75m
  • Heated? – No
  • Finish – Kahlenberg Chrome Plate Finish (White Powdercoat/Gold PVD/Black Chrome Optional)
  • Fundamental Frequency – 142 to 416 Hz
  • S.P.L. (1/3 Octave @ 1 Meter) – 134 dB
  • Air Consumption – 91 C.F.M. @ 100 p.s.i., 43 l/s @ 10 bar
  • Air Pressure Required – 100 to 250 p.s.i., 7 to 17 bar
  • Material – Cast Bronze, Spun Brass
  • Net weight – 110 lbs., 50 kg.
  • Dimensions – 30.75in x 28in x 21.5in (781mm x 711mm x 546mm)

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