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M-126 push button horn switch

Kahlenberg M-126

The M-126 Push Button is a simple flush mount momentary horn push button intended for use with Kahlenberg Zero Series air horn installations.

Kahlenberg M-126 push button horn switch
  • At Will push button, complete with horn symbol
  • Suitable for interior or exterior locations
  • Console mount, gasketed for watertight flush mount
  • Durable construction with plastic body and spade terminal block
  • Watertight for marine use

Push button horn switch Model M-126 features

  • Type – momentary N.O. Poles circuit
  • Maximum – 20A @ 12V D.C.
  • Material – plastic (polyester) body, 1/4″ male terminal posts
  • Ingress Protection – IP66 and IP68

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