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D-0A marine air horn

 LOA up to 20m

Kahlenberg Zero Series D-0A

The Zero Series offers a powerful ColRegs compliant choice for yachts and motorboats up to 20m (66ft) in length. The Kahlenberg D-0A marine air horn is a popular choice offering low optimal air consumption, small form factor and guaranteed IMO ColReg compliance for all types of motor yachts,  sailing yachts and small commercial vessels. Offered in a choice of durable  finishes.

Pitched at 254Hz and 322Hz the Kahlenberg Zero Series D-0A twin air horn features an angled base to keep the total width across the air horn bells of just 294mm while the total length is just 576mm. The Zero Series D-0A operates at air pressure levels from 50psi to 200psi and has a total air consumption of 17.6 CFM at 100psi. Listen to this unit and imagine it on your boat.

Kahlenberg UK has a D-0A set fitted to a boat on the UK South Coast. Please call +44 (0)1635 35 35 35 or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Listen to the Kahlenberg D-0A marine air horn

Kahlenberg D-0A marine air horn in white powdercoat
Kahlenberg D-0A marine air horn in white powdercoat

Model D-0A features

  • Vessel length – < 20m
  • Heated? – No
  • Finish – Kahlenberg Chrome Plate Finish or TGIC Sky White or Military Grey Powdercoat
  • Frequency – 322 and 254 Hz
  • S.P.L. Output – 133 dB (A) @ 1 Meter
  • Air Consumption – 17.6 C.F.M., 8.3 l/s
  • Operating Pressure – 50 to 200 p.s.i. (3.5 to 14 bar)
  • Material – Bronze and Cast Brass
  • Net weight – 9 lbs, 4 kg

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